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In India, biking does not just qualify as a sport, it also qualifies as a childhood tradition. From spending our early childhood years begging our parents to not lose hold of the back seat, to feeling the biggest sense of pride and self-achievement as our training wheels fall off for us to grow; from competing with our friends and getting inspired by Idaten Jump, to putting sacks of cement below a wooden board and pretending as if it is the easiest huddle of our lifetime. Even when it scares us to death.

The wind we face while riding our bicycles to work, school, tuition, below and in front of our houses always washes over us as an undeniable sense of freedom. Nonetheless as youngsters, what we might not realize is that, after having paddled our ways through the city roads with our tall bikes and sweating bodies we end up building the base of a healthier future for ourselves.


Biking comes along with several health benefits and the perks of a rigorous fitness routine. Biking can help your body fight heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and even aging. A disciplined biking routine can even help with height growth, muscle growth and a happier life. Even though biking is seen more as a fun and extra-curricular activity in our country, it is also done at a competitive level. Mostly, some people bike for fun and some for fitness.

When we are young, we often don’t pay attention to the importance of the right biking posture or the angle of our legs when we paddle because our bodies are flexible and carefree but as we grow up, and our bones start to lose strength and our body starts to lose balance, we face the critical decision of making sure that we are biking the right way.


Maintaining the right biking posture can be difficult even for professionals, so don’t sweat it if you don’t get it all right, but try your best to support your body in having the most comfortable biking experience you can.

Here are some ways in which you can do that:

  • While biking, remember to relax your shoulders and lower them away from your ears.
  • Bend your elbows to reduce the pressure on your shoulders and hands.
  • Try creating and maintaining a straight line from your fingers to your elbows and a straight line between your hips and your shoulders as well.
  • Track your knee over the ball of your pedal.
  • Adjust the seat according to yourself to support your posture and make sure that your hands can easily access the brakes.
  • Try maintaining a 25 to 30 degrees knee angle while pedaling.
  • Keep your upper body straight and use your core strength to bike. (this one might take time to learn and master but everything is possible!!)
  • Stretch your legs and other parts of your body before and while biking to ensure a smooth and more efficient ride.
  • Wear proper gear. Back pain and shoulder pain can also often occur from wearing the wrong sized fits and safety gears. Wear helmets to protect your head from serious injuries and to avoid breaking safety, traffic rules!!

Maintaining the right posture and using the right techniques is important while biking. It not only helps you make the best out of the exercise but also saves you from severe neck, back or knee pains that can be caused from biking in the wrong position for a long time.


If you are a beginner, start slow with short distances. Don't push your body too hard, give it a chance to slowly adjust to your routine. Riding for two and a half hours every week is a good way to start maintaining a healthy routine.

According to BSXinsight, 10 miles per day can be a goal you slowly work towards once you start and if you are a regular cyclist, then 25-30 miles per day is a reasonable limit to keep fit.

Stability and consistency are also important when it comes to biking. Biking for even 10 minutes everyday can benefit you more than a broken workout schedule.


It is important to know when to draw the line for yourself. Mental and Physical exhaustion while biking can lead to unsafe riding and further health issues therefore making sure that you treat yourself safely and carefully while carrying out this workout is essential.

Understanding your body and consulting your doctor before biking if you have specific health issues can be beneficial in taking the right decisions about yourself. Drinking water and saving yourself from dehydration is just as important as anything else while biking, hence make sure that you’re carrying water with you, always.

Stop and let the adrenaline wear off from your body in case of a crash. Don’t continue your ride unless you’re sure that your body has not suffered any serious injuries. Let your body have the time to understand and adapt to your biking routine, therefore take breaks and don’t feel frustrated if you fail to reach your goal on the first day. “Patience is a virtue”


Eating right before biking makes sure that you have sufficient energy to go a long way. Foods rich in Carbohydrates and Proteins like Bread, Granola, Energy Bars, Bananas etc can fill up your glycogen tanks before a ride and ensure a smooth experience for you.

Keeping a track of sugar and salt sources in your bodies for long journeys can also help prolong your endurance.

To help muscles heal faster, eat within an hour after your bike ride. Creating a healthy eating routine before, during and after your bike ride helps support your exercise and benefits your body over the benefits of a hard workout.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can start biking the right way anytime. Biking with the people you love, a group of friends or a biking club can also come forward as a huge support to you during your rides.
Choose the healthy way of riding - remember, biking does not always have to be a race. It is an activity that can be enjoyed for several purposes: personal leisure, competitions, fitness or maybe even to convey a message. Find your reason and ride accordingly.

Finding opportunities to show off this hobby to boost your self esteem through self-achievement or bring about a change in either yourself or your community remains a valid reason to bike among the youth. Dainik Jagran-INEXT would like to present to you a similar opportunity, an opportunity to ride the gears of change and enjoy the sense of fun, fitness and freedom that accompanies this workout.

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