Bikeathon Season 14 - Ride The Gears Of Change

Immerse yourself in the experience

Do you also wake up everyday with a sense of dread? It’s like for those 10 minutes early in the morning, nothing makes sense and your heart craves for action, satisfaction and a tint of positivity.

Do you also feel guilty for contributing to the heat waves striking our motherland and the never ending floods that have taken more than thousands of lives by now? It feels like even though climate change began with us, you cannot figure out a way to help.

Are you also tired of people telling you that you cannot drive a car, enter certain places, do certain activities, or wear certain clothes because of your gender identity? It feels like society has been allotting people their separate tasks and set of ideals to believe in since long before you were born and there is nothing that you can do to change them or their mindsets now.

But most of all, are you also tired of wishing to exercise but not at the expense of your precious time or fun with your family and friends?

Then imagine this,

You wake up one morning and you put on your most comfortable clothes. There is a baseball cap on your head, a t-shirt that is motivating you and a sweat-band ready for hard work. You are aware of your purpose, it is to bring about change. You gather up your family and ride to the nearest station for the bike rally in your city. There you find Dainik Jagran-INEXT officials ready to welcome you and submerge you into the experience of a lifetime.

You share stories about your past, you share reasons for your participation and you realize that by participating in this 10km bike rally with everyone you love and appreciate, you are not only breaking gender taboos but also contributing to the cause of a greener, fuel-free transportation. You let go of that morning dread and now the only thing that hovers above your mind, is how at the end of this rally, you would have achieved a fitter, better, happier change-maker version of yourself.

You start by warming up and getting yourself ready for an achievement. Sweat tries to demotivate you from your goal but you wipe its essence off your energetic body. The sun stays on your tail but you beat it as you paddle to make your way out of a warmer, climate change affected future.

You’re breathing hard, pushing your muscles to their limits but it is all worth it because in the end, it’s you who will win against the evils of a changing society and your body. Meet your favorite influencers and appreciate the culture you belong to with performances and music — local and loved by your community. Participate in a tradition, a story that has been writing itself for years and will continue until it fulfills its purpose.

A brief introduction to Bikeathon :

Continuing a 13 year legacy across 4 states, 12 cities and the support of over 4 lakh riders, Bikeathon remains an annual bike rally organized by Dainik Jagran-INEXT with the purpose of giving you the chance to “ride the gears of change”. Emerged into the idea of fun, fitness and freedom, Bikeathon welcomes people from all ages and backgrounds.

The Season 14 of this event this year will begin with the theme reveal and continue registrations across selected states and cities. Giving you the chance to get your gear on and actively participate in the demand for a fitter, greener, more equal and happy India, Bikeathon will continue the celebration for 3 days.

As you will enter the set destinations and starting points, you will get to experience a carnival full of people who think like you, performances that reflect your ideals and warm up sessions to help you prepare for the workout. Bustling with the need for refreshments and fun sessions at the photobooths, stalls and registration counters - this event will be live with everything you need and everything you wish for.

So, before you neglect biking as a form of exercise -

Remember, that an hour of biking everyday can help you get rid of health issues that have been nagging you for years, help you become a more appreciative and positive individual, and reduce the chances of our falling into the dark hole of Climate Change. Start your journey with Bikeathon - The biggest, boldest, bike rally of all times. These 10 kilometers could change your idea of fitness and bring about changes in your society for good.

Therefore, don’t miss out on a chance to ride with the wind of fun, fitness and freedom. Register for Bikeathon now and ensure yourself a bike-riding experience that you will never forget. Register for Bikeathon now.

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