Calm your pulses, Calm the climate - Paddle your way to the future

Introduction to Biking

Sitting on a lifted seat, paddling, with no time to think as you push the wind out of your way, your hair flying like those of an actress in a slow and dramatic bollywood film and you close your eyes to take it all in. The freedom of riding by yourself without having to worry about car horns or auto rickshaws trying to push you out of your way - biking sounds a lot more fun now? doesn't it?

Ever since the invention of bicycles in 1817, these two paddled, two wheeled simple vehicles have changed the way we see healthy, happy and safe transportation for everyone, including the environment.

Reasons why you should start biking, today :

  1. Helps reduce Climate Change.
  2. Has numerous health benefits.
  3. Promotes better mental health.
  4. Promotes Gender Equality.
It saves the environment -

Always neglected as something that takes too much energy, biking often faces criticism for being a way of transportation that secretly promotes physical exercise. It does, but what people often miss is that this very mode of transportation is also one of the keys to saving our earth from a climate apocalypse.

Climate change is a global emergency often disregarded as non-existential but with the recent rise in pollution, melting of glaciers, typhoons and floods, droughts and earthquakes all around the world, it is clear that this is an existing crisis that requires immediate action.

Riding a car, a motor bike or even a scooty leads to the release of gasses that are extremely harmful for our ecosystem, for example Carbon Dioxide. These gasses add up to the pollution in our air eventually leading to holes in the Ozone Layer which then results in global warming and climate change. While on the other hand, riding a bicycle does not emit any form of harmful gasses and instead helps preserve the usage of metals and construction material. Biking is the safest transportation option that one can choose in order to make sure that they are not contributing to a world moving towards environmental emergencies.

Biking also reduces the chances of heavy noise pollution emitted from our city’s traffic or general transportation. With this silent way of moving, we can make sure that we are not promoting unnecessary, loud and harmful emissions of sound. Yes, even the environment does not appreciate loud music after 9 p.m.

Cars and other modes of transportation as such need the use of non-renewable resources and fossil fuels such as petroleum and diesel. These resources, once exhausted, will take millions of years to come back and in the meantime, we won’t have them when we need them. The exhaustion of these resources will one day lead to a global urgency when to even act out daily works and necessities, one will require such fuels. Riding a bike does not require any such usage and thus helps preserve important resources that are necessary to be saved for the upcoming generation.

It saves us -

Biking is the sort of fun that comes without an expense of your health because according to the Better Health Channel, biking helps reduce chances of heart problems by making your heart muscles strong, slowing resting pulse, and reducing blood fat levels.

Biking is a low impact exercise that is not only easy to carry out but also fast to get response from. One can burn calories, lose weight and keep fit without having to restrict your beloved diet or hiring a gym instructor. Biking also stretches your legs and arms as you paddle; and helps in height growth and other forms of physical fitness.

But the pros of biking do not restrict themselves to external well-being. Riding your bicycle can also help strengthen your immune system and protect you from foreign germs, bacteria and viruses - also contributing to an improved lung health.

Benefits of biking range from helping with a vast variety of health issues to reducing chances of critical diseases but in short, a good bicycling routine can help you live a longer and healthier life without having to spend too much time.

It promotes mental well being -

It is important to take time and take care of your emotions and reduce your stress, biking provides a simple and convenient way to do that. When you ride a bike, your brain releases adrenaline and endorphins that make our brain feel good and active. It also helps our brain achieve a level of confidence as you push beyond your physical limits and achieve small victories.

It gives us a chance to promote gender equality -

Often restricted from driving cars in conservative households, women are often stereotyped as bad drivers or just simply denied driving because they are women. There are also a lot of stigmas around gender equality when it comes to riding a scooty or a motorbike. And as we continue to break these stereotypes and stigmas - as changemakers of a better world - promoting biking and gender equality in this new sport from the start feels like our responsibility.

Do you feel ready and motivated to take up on a biking challenge now?

Your indulgence in this simple yet extremely beneficial activity can motivate hundreds or even thousands of other people to stay healthy and keep fit. You can be the fitness inspiration that this country needs and all you need to do is step out of our house and hop on a bike.

Biking is not only a sport or a way to fitness but also a key solution to global climate change problems,traffic issues, gender inequality and many more. The mass usage of biking might even lead to a lesser need for roads and all the resources that get depleted in that process. It is a hands-on way to participate in bringing about a change, a safer side of activism and a fun way to keep fit.

Biking ensures you a better future, but it cannot do so until you decide that you want it. Therefore, to help you take this step forward, Dainik Jagran is proud to announce the 14th season of Bikeathon - a 10 km bike rally of fun, fitness and freedom in your city. Register now and ensure your chance at riding the gears of change.

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